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Mission Statement:
American First National Bank desires to become the leading Asian-American owned financial institution within the United States. We are committed to conducting business with the highest ethical standards, operating in a safe and sound manner, and complying with laws and regulations.
Brief History and Locations:
We are an Asian-American owned National Bank with reported total assets of $1.71 billion as of the first quarter of 2019 with full FDIC insurance coverage, headquartered in Houston, Texas. We were formed by 6 Organizers in August 1997 and opened for business on May 18, 1998. Our Corporate Office is located at 9999 Bellaire Blvd., near the southeast corner of the intersection on Beltway 8 and Bellaire Blvd. in Houston. This site was chosen because of its proximity to the highly concentrated Asian-American community located along the Bellaire Blvd. corridor. The Corporate Office is located in a 12-story building which the Bank owns 6 floors of space. In addition to our Corporate Office, we operate from 16 branch locations in Texas, Nevada, and California. In the state of Texas, there are 4 branches in the Houston Metro area, First Colony, Harwin, Spring, and Katy; 7 branches in the Dallas Metro area, Richardson, Harry Hines, Legacy, Plano, Carrollton, Garland, and Arlington. In the state of Nevada, there are 3 branches, Las Vegas, Pahrump, and Amargosa Valley. In the state of California area there are 2 branches, City of Industry and Alhambra and a Loan Production Office.
Information on our Directors and Management:
Board of Directors
The Board of Directors of American First National Bank consists of 14 members. Henry Wu has served as the Chairman of the Board since the inception of the Bank in 1998. He was previously Chairman of the Board for Texas First National Bank (currently Golden Bank, N.A.) for several years. The Board is actively involved in the overall management of the bank and ensures that adequate internal controls and compliance with all applicable laws and regulations are met. The Board also has the responsibility to ensure maximum profits commensurate with the best interests of the customers, shareholders, employees, and the public. The Board members are: Mr. Henry Wu, Chairman, Mr. Cheng Yuan Kao, Vice Chairman, Mr. Ray Chang, Vice Chairman, and Mr. Bruce Chang, President/CEO.Mr. Andy Chien, Dr. George Tseng, Dr. Paul Cheng, Dr. Chong-Huey Wang, Mr. Steven Sun, Mr. Ronnie Miller, Mr. Ali Lakhany, Mr. Wen-Chuan Chen, Mr. Hank Chuang, Mr. Gor-Pau Roy Wu

Senior Management
Our Senior Management team, consists of experienced bankers who are dedicated to achieving the Bank's mission under the management and oversight of the Board of Directors. Our Senior Management team includes:
  • Bruce Chang, President & CEO
  • Paul Law, EVP & Chief Credit Officer
  • Eleanor Kwan, EVP & Chief Operations Officer
  • Lucheng Mailloux, EVP & Nevada Regional Manager
  • Peter Lam, EVP & California Regional Manager
  • Jennifer Cho, SVP & Senior Lender
  • Fion Chen, SVP & Senior Lender
  • Monnie Mak, SVP & Senior Lender
  • Lynn Lin, SVP & Senior Lender
  • Luke Yang, SVP & Dallas Regional Lending Manager
  • Dawning Ho, SVP & Investment Officer
  • Michael Klobosits, SVP & Chief Risk Officer/Internal Audit Manager
  • Michael Bailey, SVP & Chief Compliance Officer/CRA Officer
  • Kevin Hajek, SVP & Chief Information Officer
  • Anita Nwosuocha, SVP & Chief Financial Officer
  • Mike Fann, SVP & Controller/Cashier
  • Fivan Tang, SVP & Chief Credit Administrator
  • Joanne You, SVP & HR Manager/Secretary to the Board
  • Rosa Cheng, SVP & First Colony Branch Manager
  • Nora Lao, SVP & Richardson Branch Manager
  • Jennifer Hao, SVP & Closing Department Manager
  • Thalia Wang, SVP & Bookkeeping Department Manager
Banking Services:
The staff of American First National Bank is primarily Asian-American and is able to offer the community, the ability to speak many different languages. The major bank services are:
  • Demand Deposit services, including checking accounts, money market accounts and NOW accounts.
  • Time and savings deposit services, including regular savings, money market savings, certificates of deposit and IRA's.
  • Loans for businesses and consumers, including working capital, commercial construction, real estate, home improvement, automobiles, personal use and others.
  • Trade financing, including letters of credit, international wire transfers, collections and bill discounts.
  • Internet banking service and Mobile banking service.
  • Other services include: remote deposit, ACH, safe deposit box, International & domestic wiring, cashier checks, money orders, ATM, and Notary.
Additionally, we have an experienced International Banking Department who provides international banking services, such as trade finance. We also have correspondent relationships with most of the major banks in the world in order to facilitate the international transactions. Our involvement in the community is extensive and we have an active Officer Call program. When called upon, we provide speakers to address local schools, business, and civic organizations regarding the services offered by our bank.
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