Our service allows you to access your account information 24/7 to check balances, review transactions, make transfers between AFNB’s eligible accounts and much more. Your information and credentials are our top priority and are highly secure with our safety features to offer you not only convenience but also peace of mind.



    Register for an online banking account or follow the “retail enroll” link in the online banking login box.

    You will be prompted for some information to setup your account. After completing registration, you will have access to your bank information.

  2. LOGIN

    First login to your online banking account. You will be prompted for your AccessID and Password. You will also need to answer any security questions that were created during registration.

    For faster access, you can input your information directly on the login form.


Contact our Customer Service at 713-596-2813 or 1-877-473-1888 to request access to online bill payment features. Your online bill payment features will be available within 24 hours after we receive your request.

To find your bill payment features, you will need to login to your online banking account and find the “Bill Payment” tab.

Managing your internet bank account

Change information such as contact numbers, email addresses, and password.

Internet Banking Secure Mail

Access, send and receive secure messages to / from us.

Initiate a Stop Payment

Request payment orders expire in 6 months.


Use this option to build recurring reminders to help you remember due dates.

Account Alert

Text or email message is sent when your account falls below a set balance.

Electronic Statement

Review your account statements electronically.

Additional Features

  • Transfer funds and initiate stop payments.
  • Pay bills online, anytime, anywhere within the U.S.
  • Download account information through a selected compatible financial management format.