Get your American First National Bank Debit Card today!

Your Debit card doubles as your ATM card with instant access to your funds at any ATM*.

* Some Fees my apply for non-AFNB ATMs


Our debit cards are chip-enabled. The built in microchip provides you with better data security for fraud prevention and purchase protection. The chip’s security enables a unique one-time code for each individual transaction making it extremely secure and virtually impossible to duplicate or replicate.


  1. Insert your card face up into the chip reading terminal. Leave your card inserted until the transaction is complete.
  2. Read the information carefully. Follow all prompts on the screen. You may be prompted for your PIN* or signature.
  3. Remove your card from the terminal when prompted, you may hear some beeping sounds when your transaction is complete.

* Your PIN number will arrive at the same address two days after your card arrives. Your PIN number may be reset at any branch, the representatives will need identification and your card present.


  • All card activity
  • Turn debit card on and off anytime
  • Spending limits
  • Transaction type location services
  • Card status changes and fraud alerts

CardValet (replacing My Mobile Money®)

CardValet is a new card management and fraud mitigation app for debit cardholders which will take the place of My Mobile Money. CardValet is a user friendly and more robust app that you can use on your smartphone or tablet to control just about every aspect of your debit card’s activity. You can easily turn it on or off when you’re not using your card or if you misplace it. You can set spending limits by category of merchant and limit transactions to certain geographical locations. Using the fraud alert feature, you can get an alert to your smartphone whenever a transaction is processed. If you spot something out of the ordinary, you can stop the transaction on the spot.

Effective February 3rd, current My Mobile Money users will automatically be unenrolled from the application and will no longer receive alerts or card management features set up in the app. Anytime on or after February 3rd, users should uninstall My Mobile Money and install and set up CardValet to receive card management features and alerts. To setup CardValet:

  1. Download the CardValet app from the App Store® or Google Play® on your mobile device.
  2. Register your card(s).
  3. Customize your alert preferences and usage settings to monitor and manage your cards.

More CardValet information:

Available on the App Store  Get it on Google Play